Stratford IT delivers a number of cloud services but the most popular is office365 as a base solution. Please see all services for other cloud solutions or call us today on (01789) 868867.

Microsoft have certainly stepped up the pace of Cloud computing in the last 12 months making their Office365 package an absolute must have in any company.

Not only do you get Microsoft’s proven market leading Exchange e-mail solution which includes Virus and Spam filtering and the fact you can also include all of Microsoft’s proven applications.

The new improved OneDrive sync application makes file sharing on a personal note and business sharing and collaboration note an excellent secure environment.

Microsoft is improving their communication applications too, with the introduction of Microsoft Teams you can certainly keep in touch wherever you are with your employees.

With Security in mind Microsoft Azure Active directory, Compliance centre, Microsoft Defender has the power to secure your data and remote workers as if they were in an office within a onsite active directory network, Azure can integrate with Microsoft’s Windows Server platforms, this is a great offering when latent none cloud based applications have not adopted to the cloud. Some companies prefer to keep there most sensitive data and database solutions onsite.

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