Data Policy

Stratford IT Ltd Data Policy Overview Easy to read version


Due to the new GDPR data legislation coming out on the 25th May 2018 Stratford IT has decided to create an easy to understand data policy to cover some aspects of how we control and process any data held by ourselves.

 Stratford IT will adhere to all aspects of the new GDPR legislation whereby relating to Stratford IT as a company.

At Stratford IT we are very consistent, any data held within our company will be secured on only 3 machines, Each Machine has Microsoft encrypted hard drives, they are all protected from spyware and viruses, all run individual firewalls from either of the following solutions, F-Secure cloud security, Bitdefender business cloud protection services, Microsoft, custodian 360.

All of Stratford IT’s internal routers have a port lockdown and active firewalls to allow only essential dataflow into our networks.

 Please see both F-Secure and Bitdefender data policies here.


At Stratford IT we run Microsoft partner solutions on our equipment, mainly Office365 enterprise level 3, please see Microsoft Privacy Statements for further information

Stratford IT holds data within Microsoft, 123-reg, GFI, Google, Dropbox, Amazon Datacentres around the world, please see the solution providers privacy and data policies via their individual websites.

E-mails and contacts addresses

All client or supplier e-mails are held in structured categorized folders within our Office365 Microsoft exchange mailboxes on one of the 3 machines above.

No client data will be given out to any third party without authorisation from the data controller via any Stratford IT staff member.

All of Stratford IT’s staff have been provided training on controlling of data and processing of data, they are fully aware of Stratford IT’s data policy.

Stratford IT can not be held responsible for any data breaches of its clients, suppliers or software venders.


Anyone who contacts or connects with Stratford IT via any communication solution automatically gives Stratford IT the right to control and process that received data until it is requested to be removed, i/e E-mail address, phone numbers, SM handles etc.

Any data held by Stratford IT will be removed if requested by an authorized individual or business who can prove ownership.

Payments and Invoicing

Stratford IT does not hold any credit card information for any of it’s clients and does not take payments via a credit card machines or any online payment solution.

Please see our website privacy policy