At Stratford IT, we cater for all types of businesses. Whether you are large or small, need 24/7 support or need just occasional IT support and help.
We offer the same excellence whatever your requirements.
IT Support
Our monthly support includes our excellent consultancy service for all aspects of your IT requirements. Our 24 hour response leaves you with peace of mind that whenever you need us, we are here.
At Stratford IT, maintaining your systems so they are effective, secure and up to date is our main focus. Second only to this, cutting your costs is always at the heart of our support.
Why Stratford IT?
By having confidence in your IT Support Company, this leaves you and your business to concentrate on the day to day running. You will be safe in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is being taken care of.
Stratford IT offers both onsite and remote support. Even if you need to ask a simple question, this can be done remotely so there are no waiting times.
What do Stratford IT offer?
With our full support packages, all updates, installations and re-installations are included. There are no expensive extra labour charges to install computers, new servers or software. Yes that is correct – NO ADDITIONAL LABOUR CHARGES – ITS ALL INCLUDED!
One off support is subject to a labour charge of £70 per hour which is one of the lowest labour rates in Warwickshire.
Although having full support is an excellent option, it is not always required. In today’s tough climate, it is not easy to pay for monthly support and Stratford IT understands this. Our one off support comes with all the same benefits as our full support but charged at our low hourly rate.
Please contact us today for a full support quote or a one off support request.