Security for your Networks

Security is a vital part of business networks. Stratford IT is a gold partner of F-Secure Cloud security. Managed centrally in the cloud, you can keep an eye on all of your devices including mobiles, desktops, laptops, tablets, servers etc.

Whilst F-Secure are proactive in updating the knowledge base of current security risks, Stratford IT are also a partner of Custodian360. Custodian360 are a managed security service provider who actively monitor your endpoints in real-time on their live environment, rather than limiting themselves to databases of known threads. They monitor all scripts and malicious code entering your network on a 24-7 basis. The client software does most of the work however they also have staff monitoring endpoints within working hours.

Most antivirus solutions do not monitor in memory threats and real-time events. Stratford IT has recently been to the IP Expo in London, a national event that focusses on live threats and up and coming trends to the IT industry. It really was an eye opener to how vulnerable we all are and how little effort it takes someone to inject directed code into anyone’s network.



F-Secure keeps up to date with the very latest threats. We can secure your hardware and data today with F-Secure. Speak to a consultant at Stratford IT to find out how.
Security is not just about Viruses an Spyware. At Stratford IT we pride ourselves on securing your network with the latest technology, be it hardware firewalls, or secure certification. Let Stratford IT give you the confidence that your data is safe, onsite or in the cloud.





Whilst the new data protection rules are ironed out by the government which are due out in March 2018 what does that mean to the average small business? This is a question we would all like to know.

GDPR is not a new regulation, in fact it has been around for years but a new version is due to come into force. The government have created it thinking that small businesses have already been actively mapping their data and setting their security to stop data breaches from happening. Well the truth of the matter is that most companies are busy trying to make a living and don’t have the time or endless funds to invest in the latest firewall technology or services such as Custodian360.

Over the last few years the only companies to be hit by the Law so far are large corporate firms who in fact had spent thousands of pounds on securing there networks but due to human internal mistakes did not stop the data breaches.

Therefore it is essential for companies to identify the sensitive data and work around that data to keep it a save as they can, Stratford IT can assist with these fundamental steps, take a look at the Guild below and call us on 01789 868867 to further assistance.