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Connectivity & WIFI Solutions

Stay Connected with Reliable Connectivity & WiFi Solutions

Experience seamless connectivity and reliable WiFi solutions tailored to your business needs with Stratford IT. Whether you’re looking to enhance office network performance, extend WiFi coverage, or implement secure guest networks, we have the expertise and technology to keep your business connected.

Why Stratford IT?

Our comprehensive solutions ensure fast, stable connections, improved productivity, and simplified management.

We offers a range of broadband solutions designed to meet the diverse connectivity needs of businesses.

Whether you require high-speed fibre broadband for seamless data transmission or reliable ADSL connections for cost-effective connectivity, we have the right solution for you

We understand the importance of reliable WiFi connectivity for businesses

That’s why we offer UniFi WiFi extenders, designed to boost WiFi coverage and ensure seamless connectivity across your premises. Our UniFi WiFi extenders provide exceptional performance, scalability, and ease of management, allowing you to extend your WiFi network effortlessly.

What do Stratford IT offer?

  • High-speed fibre broadband options
  • Cost-effective ADSL connections
  • Competitive pricing and robust security features
  • Boost WiFi coverage across your premises
  • Exceptional performance and scalability
  • Expert assistance from setup to ongoing management